Supplier Quality Development (SQD)

If you want excellence, adopt a mindset of continuous improvement.

Quality, reliability and durability expectations in this sector are uncommonly high. So meeting them is a task totally reliant on developing strong and cooperative relationships with suppliers. We don’t believe this happens accidentally and have devised a framework of interrelated and interdependent disciplines, which we can implement for your benefit. The structure includes selection, evaluation, troubleshooting, monitoring and auditing.

Why Choose Our SQD Services?

Only people from the renewable energy sector know the unique quality standards the industry faces. This is our background, our world. So we know what quality specifically means and how it can be improved.

We help you implement excellence by identifying the maturity level of your suppliers and the opportunities that exist to develop it. Our role is to ensure that your partners are totally equipped to operate with sufficient levels of quality, reliability and adherence to sustainability practices.

Excellence is an ongoing process and needs a commitment at a strategic level to develop a culture of never-ending improvement. We provide a catalyst for this improvement to keep happening in your supply chain.

We help develop robust risk mitigation strategies that help address quality issues before they make an impact in your supply chain.

Strong collaboration is key. And we can help foster the relationships between you and your suppliers that will be crucial. When both sides understand the need to develop quality, it’s more likely to become a reality.

You need to meet standards and meet regulatory requirements. We can help you navigate these because we’ve years of experience complying with them.