New Product Introduction (NPI)

Creating an expectation of success, every step of the way.

Well before a new product comes to market, a complicated set of factors means a sense of ownership is transferred – from R&D, to engineering, to production, to sales, to the customer – with impacts at every stage. The process is not only about how a product can be matured and physically manufactured but also about how your organization systematically develops and scales its roles, responsibilities, and relationships.
We work alongside you to help make this happen in a harmonious way.

Why Choose Our NPI Services?

We understand the dynamic landscape you are going to compete in, and we can tap into decades of renewables experience that will give you a distinct advantage out there.

We’ll help you find the right ones and begin building the open, two-way communications between you, creating the foundations for success.

You need to work with suppliers who share your innovative mindset and who are prepared to break moulds themselves. We can help you construct a network that has this innovation in its DNA.

Innovation comes with uncertainties, for sure. But we can help mitigate the risks. We assess the impact on your innovation plans that could be caused by supply chain disruptions, geopolitical unrest and other external factors.

We can bring advanced tools and data driven processes into the mix, improving your ability to make informed decisions and enabling real-time monitoring of all aspects of your new product supply chain.

Although, right now, your focus is on developing your new product, we have an eye on what happens next. We can help you make sure your supply chain is prepared and good quality deliveries anticipated.